Missoula Exhibition

I have visited Missoula Bar and asked if it would be possible to hire out the Lodge area of their establishment for a private exhibition. I also emailed them in regards to the exhibition to make sure that I had evidence of booking the area.




I have a friend that works in a residential home for vulnerable adults called Golden Sands who I have spoken to about helping with providing art classes for the residents. I plan on doing this over Summer, and it is in my home town, therefore over the Easter period I am going to finalise all of the details about my volunteering.

I wanted to do this because I have been thinking a lot about Art therapy and how relaxing it can be to create a piece of artwork; and I feel that this could be very beneficial to the residents of this home.

Kongs Exhibition Professional Development

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These are some screenshots of the evidence of the correspondence between myself and Kongs management where I have shown interest in hiring Level 2.

We then went to view the room we planned on hiring in order to make sure that it was suitable for our work. We decided when visiting that we would like to do an exhibition here.

Displaying my photos

This is just a photograph of my studio space earlier in the year; however I want to do this kind of style of layout in the degree show.

The photographs will be larger, and will be displayed in a more standard multiples layout way where they will all have the same distance between them. Like in this exhibition I went to in London in second year which is where I started wanting to display my work in such a way.

– Serpentine Gallery, Marc Camille Chaimowicz: An Autumn Lexicon.

Life drawings

Throughout this year so far, and previous sketchbooks, I have been looking in to simplistic styled life drawings in order to help my creative flow as well as exploring what flaws people believe that they have. Instead of hiding these flaws and insecurities, I however wanted to celebrate them in my drawings as well as my photographs on body image. I have been using watercolours, ink and pen- recently playing around with colour to see if I can bring a bit more life in to my work.

Insecurity Quotes

As well as taking photographs of peoples insecurities that they have of their bodies I also asked them for quotes on what they are insecure about, and if they believe there is a reason that they are insecure. I wanted to do this originally because I felt that the quotes would make it clearer as to the reasoning and meaning behind my work, however the more I researched it the more I wanted to do it because I found artists using text in their artwork particularly interesting.

I was originally playing around with how to display the quotes that I got from the people that I photographed on their insecurities. However the more I did this the less I liked it; it seemed too messy and out of place when placed with my photographs which are more clean to look at.

I shortened some of the quotes that I gathered from people on their insecurities. I wanted to display them to show the style of writing that I wish to use for the quotes; I also am particularly keen on the off-white paper that I chose.