Female hands

I have realised I have taken a lot of photographs of male hands and not many of females; therefore I took some of an older woman’s hand.


Body Image

Seeing as I have been focusing quite a lot on hands recently I thought that I would go back and explore taking photographs of body parts. I wanted to also focus on the male body, as I have taken quite a lot of female bodies photographs. I also wanted to look at coloured photos compared to black and white photographs to see what looked best. I also wanted my photographs to be more focused. I particularly like the shadows in these photographs; they make them seem more interesting to the viewer.

Changes in hands







Seeing as I have been looking at hands a lot I thought that I would have a look at the different stages hands go through in the process of a hand going from clenched to relaxed. I wanted to do this because I am experimenting what works best in the photographs as well as the editing.

I also want to take photographs of different types of hands; old, young, smooth, rough, etc. to explore what works best to photograph and display together as I haven’t decided whether to refine my photos or keep the subject broad.

Drawing over&Tearing photos

Seeing as I have been doing a lot of messy, line drawing styled life drawing I thought that I would merge my drawings with my photographs. Therefore I printed some of my body image photographs as well as hand photographs, varying the two body image insecurities between black and white and coloured edits. I wanted both black and white as well as coloured so that I could compare the outcomes. With these photographs I used white pen to outline the body parts photographed; using the same style as I have previously with my life drawings. I also used a tool to scratch into my photos to make them look a bit more rough. I also liked the idea of ripping under the photos- or peeling/ripping apart the insecurities.

Life drawings

I thought I would do some more experiments with different styles of life drawings; and I particularly enjoyed the messiness of the drips coming from the watercolours so continued with this idea.

As well as using watercolours in my life drawings I have now started using charcoal and ink. I have done this because I am interested in messy materials that are quite fluid to use and work with I have, and am going to continue, experimenting with layering. I thought that I would explore this because I have looked into ripping and drawing on to photographs so I thought that I would look deeper into playing around with my life drawings. I have also started putting watercolours around the outside of my art pieces; to make the life drawings more bold to the viewer, as well as to give them a bit more depth.

Artist Statement

So far throughout third year I have continued to explore using photography to take portraits, as well as starting to take photographs of singular body parts in which people have told me they are most insecure about. I have also continued looking in to life drawings this year, as I find doing these helps me be more creative in my overall practice. Whilst doing these life drawings I tried working in a messy, line drawing style as I have found it to be more expressive and fluid; recently I have started using watercolours as I became interested in Marlene Dumas’s pieces. I have also continued asking people for quotes on what they are insecure about, as well as the reasoning behind it, and trying to find creative ways in which to display these feelings and thoughts that they have about themselves.

I have been looking into peoples insecurities as I find it interesting how people view themselves in such a negative way; as well as how these body image problems affect them in their lives. By using photography I have been trying to show that these flaws that people think they have should be celebrated rather than hidden.