Meditation Workshop

In this workshop the main thing that stuck out to me was the part where we did group meditation. As it stopped me from worrying about the stresses of everyday life and work, as well as when we finished meditating my mind felt so much clearer than before- really helping me feel ready for the rest of the day and for work. Meditation is what I am going to carry on doing to help me with everyday life, as well as to give me clarity in my artwork.

Polaroid Photographs

I wanted to take some polaroid photographs to help with my portrait photographs. I particularly like the effect that polaroid photographs give- almost old school vibes. I want to do it so I could prepare for the digital photographs I am going to take, in the sense of where to take the photographs from and whether to use flash, etc.

With these photos that I took I told the people being photographed to pull any facial expression they wanted to- or how they felt at that particular time. I asked them to do this to get a varied range of facial expressions, as I didn’t want them all to look the same and I wanted them to feel comfortable.

I wanted a vast range of ages so I was glad when my course friend said that it was fine for me to photograph her. I would also like a few more different ages, as well as a mixture of boys and girls.

I wanted to start my portrait photographs with some testers before I went to the photography studio to take my better, more serious photographs. A reason for this is because I like the effect of polaroid photographs- they seem to capture a more natural, yet old school, photograph of something- or in this case, someone. I like having this raw, unedited photograph, as I can look back on it and compare it to my photograph outcomes when they have all been edited and touched up.

Finished Clay Body


This is the finished and dry clay female body that I made; it is quite wonky and also the back is cracked quite a lot but it is my first attempt at building a body so I am okay with how badly it turned out. The back wasn’t meant to be cracked, as it dried too quickly when it was on its side- however I do actually like the crack and how it made the body look.