Shadows and tension

These are some photos that I took whilst looking into body image. I wanted to experiment with hands as I looked at them in first year when I was investigating tension also, and I wanted to look into shadows that body parts create. I also like how you can tell which hand is aged and which is young. The two photos on the right is of an older man; who is insecure of his hands because they’re so rough from working outside for over 30 years.


Transferring photographs

Screen Shot 2017-10-18 at 15.07.11

I thought I would look at different styles of transferring photographs, and I found this piece online. I like the idea of transferring photos on to fabric, as then I could do other pieces of work around the photos on the fabric also. I also was drawn to the faded way that this photograph was transferred- as you have to look closer to realise it’s a bedroom.

Tatana Kellner


While You Were Sleeping, 2001


Arcticum Lappa: Tenacious Leaves, Tenacious Memories photographic emulsion on burdock leaf

I was looking in to Tatana Kellner as I was drawn to her installation piece ‘While You Were Sleeping’ as I found it interesting how the installation is in a darkened room where the pillows light up when approached by the viewer. This reminded me of some gallery visits in second year where you are surrounded by the artwork, immersed in the ideas, which particularly appealed to me.

Whilst researching Kellner I also found some of her alternative photography which I thought was really effective in catching the viewers eye. One of these photographs is seen above. I have been looking into the idea of transferring photos as I want to continue with my portrait photographs however I want to make them a bit more interesting.


These are some photographs of my finished exhibition piece with my clay bodies, portrait photographs and insecurity quotes. I like how I displayed this, however I do feel it is a little bland and boring and I think I could have made it a bit more interesting to look at.