Different styles I have looked in to…

These are a few photographs of the different styles of work I have done throughout this term, in order to get a firm idea of what I wanted to carry on doing. Through my studio practice I have realised that I want to continue using clay; particularly in the figurative modelling field. Drawing really helps to give you a better understanding of the body therefore I have done some drawings of bodies before I start using clay again. I also have a few photographs of the experiments that I did at the start of term using charcoal, acrylic and ink where I was looking at Martyn Brewster’s piece ‘Beauty vs Sadness No. 70’; however soon stopped this style as it wasn’t for me.


Written Statement on my practice

Throughout the first term of second year I have looked at many different styles of artwork, whilst also focussing my practice on Martyn Brewster’s type of art work; mainly “beauty vs sadness no. 70”. I have tried using his work as a source of ideas, in which it did, however not in the way that I thought it may have. I found his work interesting as it is not like anything I have done before, and that intrigued me, yet the abstract style didn’t really inspire me to do my own work based on it. However, I was interested in the thought processes behind it, as well as the title of the piece.

At the beginning I experimented with ink, acrylic and charcoal in order to show a representation of Brewster’s artwork. I quickly realised that this wasn’t what I wanted to do, therefore I did a lot of artist research to try and inspire me. However, for my Summer Project I did a lot of photography with disposable cameras as well as digital, and I enjoyed this therefore after I realised that abstract wasn’t for me I wanted to explore more with photography in my practice.

We then started our Field module; mine was Figurative Modelling, which I was particularly pleased about as I really enjoyed working with clay last year. I learnt a lot of skills in these practices, and it really helped me to figure out what I want to do; as I want to work more with clay. I have decided that I am going to start building bodies (not heads) as part of my Subject work.

For the material project I did the Photography workshops, which linked really well with my Summer Project. I gained a more in-depth knowledge of how a camera works best, as well as how to make the most out of lighting in the studio. From this workshop I found multiples really interesting, and decided I want to work with film creating multiples of portraits.

Therefore, for the rest of the year I am going to work with mostly film, but I will also experiment with digital, photography capturing different peoples feelings and thoughts through their facial expressions. I am only going to photograph their face, as I want the bodies to be represented by hand building clay bodies and random parts. Then in the future I want to see how using the layout of multiples works surrounding the clay body parts.

Helen Marten: Drunk Brown House


– Serpentine Gallery, Helen Marten: Drunk Brown House.

– Water the Scotch, 2016.


This exhibition really stood out to me as it is laid out really interestingly, with the metal sculptures seemingly leading you through the gallery to each of the pieces on the walls; giving the whole place a sense of direction.


Marc Camille Chaimowicz: An Autumn Lexicon

The ‘World of Interiors’, 2008, really interested me as I particularly liked the layout of the pieces placed on the wall as there is so much to look at and each thing is different. This piece particularly influenced me and my work as I liked how you had to focus on each piece individually as art but it was also a larger piece of work when you stood back from it. This is what I wanted with my own work and exhibition.

As I have previously mentioned the room in the Serpentine Gallery ‘Enough Tyranny’ really intrigued me as you were submerged in the artwork- almost making you a part of it. This is the kind of feeling I wanted people that viewed my work to have- and hopefully in the future I can create a room like this where you are able to be a part of it like this made me feel.