Photography Studio Photos

After doing my developmental photographs I wanted to take some body image photographs in the photography studio with a proper white backdrop and lighting. The following photos are the ones taken here, however not yet edited.

These photos are my unedited pieces taken after asking about peoples insecurities. I wanted to take some photographs in the studio as they are better quality and the edits will be clearer on account of the better lighting. I am quite pleased with these outcomes so far, as they really delve into the peoples insecurities that I photographed- however when looking at the photos there is a level of grace and beauty to these so-called imperfections.

The next thing I need to do is edit all my photographs and decide which to use for my degree show; and possibly take more photos if I don’t have enough.


Development photos

Whilst I was home for Easter I wanted to take some more developmental photographs, however had to find somewhere with good lighting and a white background. Therefore, I did some tests in this particular room as at the time it seemed suitable. However when I looked back at the photographs they are too dim and the shadows are quite distracting to the viewer- therefore I thought I could find somewhere better.

Gap Crit

I recently did my Gap Crit and displayed my photographs in the same style that I am going to present my work in my exhibitions that I have coming up. I got some interesting feedback and advice from the group about my work which I wrote down:

  • Make sure to have more photographs because people think that they are of the same person/self portraits.
  • They seem intimate/personal.
  • The photos show a snippet; there is nothing you can relate to a particular person.
  • People don’t consider hands to be an insecurity, which made them think my theme wasn’t actually about insecurities.
  • The size (8×6) of the photographs makes you think that the body parts are being hidden- if they’re bigger it is seen more as a celebration of your body.
  • Some figures are relaxed and some are tense; what is this trying to say? Why’re they contrasting?
  • An idea of my theme was how the body changes; is it something to do with having a particular mindset?
  • Is there any reason to have some photos in portrait and some in landscape?
  • Collarbone photo looks out of place- looks like an advert. The rest are dull compare to hers.
  • Hand and neck photos show strength, and show off muscles and bones, whilst others are emotional.
  • Fragments of body, specific parts.
  • Seem vulnerable because of the gloomy colours.
  • No individuality to the person.
  • Being exposed but also being held at a distance.
  • Could the piercings be part of it? Is it trying to say something about their identities?
  • Nipple piercing is usually covered up- it’s usually private but is now being put on display.
  • The way they’ve been made- some seem posed whilst others natural.
  • The face being taken away removes identity, they’re more objects than people.