Life Drawings


Changing hands

I have attached my hand photographs to string in order of the progression of tension as a hand goes from fist to open. I wanted to display these series of photographs like this in order to represent fluidity and progression.

Exploring simplistic drawings

Throughout this year so far, and previous sketchbooks, I have been looking in to simplistic styled life drawings in order to help my creative flow as well as exploring what flaws people believe that they have. Instead of hiding these flaws and insecurities, I however wanted to celebrate them in my drawings as well as my photographs on body image. I have been using watercolours, ink and pen- recently playing around with colour to see if I can bring a bit more life in to my work. I will continue to use this style in my practice, however I am not keen on carrying on with using watercolour in my drawings therefore will not be doing it for much longer.

Using colour


Throughout all of my life drawings that I have done so far I have continuously used monotone or muted colours and I fancied a bit of a change. Therefore, I decided to start using some colours in my watercolours. I focused mainly on pink/orange pastel-like colours in my experiments as I thought that they complimented each other well; as well as working well with the black ink and watercolours that I used. I am particularly pleased with the messier watercolours and I found that not staying within the lines when using colour works really well.