Key Point Links

Subject Key Points:


  1. Body Image Insecurities
  2. Life Drawings


  1. “Don’t Be A Puppet/Love Yourself”
  2. Marlene Dumas
  3. Marc Camille Chaimowicz


Field Key Points:


  1. Swaps Exhibition
  2. Basquiat’s Journals


  1. Displaying my photos
  2. Displaying my quotes


Artist Statement






When I first started exploring with how to display my quotes I originally tried stamping, however after a few tries I decided to try something different as it is a bit too messy.

This is my second attempt at trying to display my quotes in an interesting and effective way. I liked this a lot more and it is what made me start thinking about using off-white paper and capital letters, which I eventually used in my degree show exhibition.

After I had more or less decided what style I wanted for my quotes I thought I would see what frames I wanted to use; I tried black and silver, then a light wooden colour however finally settled on a rustic wooden frame and off-white, textured paper for my degree show.


Life Drawings

Throughout this year so far, and previous sketchbooks, I have been looking in to simplistic styled life drawings in order to help my creative flow as well as exploring what flaws people believe that they have. Instead of hiding these flaws and insecurities, I however wanted to celebrate them in my drawings as well as my photographs on body image. I have been using watercolours, ink and pen- recently playing around with colour to see if I can bring a bit more life in to my work.

Seeing as I have been doing a lot of messy, line drawing styled life drawing I thought that I would merge my drawings with my photographs. Therefore I printed some of my body image photographs as well as hand photographs, varying the two body image insecurities between black and white and coloured edits. I wanted both black and white as well as coloured so that I could compare the outcomes. With these photographs I used white pen to outline the body parts photographed; using the same style as I have previously with my life drawings. I also used a tool to scratch into my photos to make them look a bit more rough. I also liked the idea of ripping under the photos- or peeling/ripping apart the insecurities.

Body Image Insecurities


I originally took portraits when looking in to body image as I wanted to capture peoples facial expressions, and compare them to the quotes that I had from them, however I then moved on to taking body image photographs.


These are some photographs that I have taken of peoples body parts that they have told me they are insecure of. I have continuously been exploring with taking photographs of specific, singular parts of the body whilst also keeping the identity of the person I am photographing anonymous. I started focussing on singular body parts because when I got my original quotes they were the most common and rather than hiding these parts of their bodies I wanted them to be celebrated.


Whilst at home I took some more developmental photographs as I wanted more photos to choose from in my exhibition. I then decided that I would choose the best out of these photos and edit them.


These are the photographs that I have edited and that I am thinking about using in my degree show. I couldn’t decide between some of the more similar photographs, therefore I plan to print them all out on to photo paper so I can see which photos work best together. I also need to go through my past photos that I have taken this year to see if any of them are suitable for my exhibition- however I can’t choose too many as I want between 10 and 15 different photographs and quotes.


After doing my developmental photographs I wanted to take some body image photographs in the photography studio with a proper white backdrop and lighting. The following photos are the ones taken here, however not yet edited. These photos are my unedited pieces taken after asking about peoples insecurities. I wanted to take some photographs in the studio as they are better quality and the edits will be clearer on account of the better lighting. I am quite pleased with these outcomes so far, as they really delve into the peoples insecurities that I photographed- however when looking at the photos there is a level of grace and beauty to these so-called imperfections.


My edited photographs.

The one thing all of these edits made me realise was that I definitely wanted my photos to be in black and white.

I then did the Missoula exhibition in order to decide which photos to use in my degree show exhibition.

Marc Camille Chaimowicz

  • Serpentine Gallery, Marc Camille Chaimowicz: An Autumn Lexicon.

When I visited this exhibition in London it made me realise how I wanted to display my own work in exhibitions and normal practice. This piece really intrigued me; as the layout was simplistic and neat yet all of the single art pieces on the wall were unique to themselves. I also liked how you have to walk along the whole piece looking at each individual artwork, yet when you step back the whole of it is an artwork in itself.

This is where I first realised what style of work I wanted to do and is what has influenced me in my whole practice throughout third year.