Reflection of Field

Field; Figurative Modelling and Art and the Conscious Mind

Both of the Field modules have helped me a lot in very different ways, which is why I chose such different Fields to do originally. Art and the Conscious Mind has helped me mentally in the sense that it helped me free my imagination, as well as understand the ideas of consciousness and how it can influence artworks. Whilst Figurative Modelling has helped my practical work, as it is what influenced me to carry on working with clay in my subject project, giving me the original basic skills of working with clay and building body parts.

Throughout the Figurative Modelling module it was very obvious that drawing is a very important factor when you’re working with clay, therefore whilst I was doing the module I did many life drawings which when the module finished I moved on with in my Subject work. This linked very well with my Subject work, as I was looking at the idea of body image and insecurities at the time of Field. The life drawings helped a lot when I started to build my clay bodies and figures, as I had looked closely at the life models therefore I had a better understanding of how the body is formed and what positions and movements it can make. Figurative Modelling also gained me skills for building the bodies in my own time; understanding the pinching, coiling, and slab techniques as well as knowing which type of clay I liked working with the most helped a lot in my Subject work. Christie Brown and Claire Curneen were both very influential to me; I particularly liked how in both of their artwork their sculptures are quite peculiar and not life like, yet have strange and disjointed air to them. I tried to create similar kinds of textures in my own work when I was building my large clay torsos, as I wanted them to have my finger marks and the roughness of the pinching technique throughout the clay. Unlike their work I didn’t want to make full bodies, I wanted to focus on particular parts of the body and I found the torsos the most interesting. Therefore I made a large female torso and a male torso in my Subject practice. I wanted to do this because I have been looking at portrait photography and insecurities, and I wanted to include some reference to the body, and I found that using clay helped me to look at the body as well as the faces of people.

Whilst in the Art and the Conscious mind lectures and workshops we focussed more on how artwork makes us feel, using our imagination and learning about consciousness- therefore a more academic way of looking at artwork. I found the workshops the most helpful to me in this module; especially when we looked in to meditation and played and created surrealist games. This particularly interested me as I was having a creative block in my Subject artwork, therefore being able to free my mind in these workshops helped me be more creative therefore gave me more ideas for my subject work. The surrealist games improved my work ethic, as I started drawing more and being more free with these drawings, instead of stressing about the overall outcome of the pieces.


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