Polaroid Photographs

I wanted to take some polaroid photographs to help with my portrait photographs. I particularly like the effect that polaroid photographs give- almost old school vibes. I want to do it so I could prepare for the digital photographs I am going to take, in the sense of where to take the photographs from and whether to use flash, etc.

With these photos that I took I told the people being photographed to pull any facial expression they wanted to- or how they felt at that particular time. I asked them to do this to get a varied range of facial expressions, as I didn’t want them all to look the same and I wanted them to feel comfortable.

I wanted a vast range of ages so I was glad when my course friend said that it was fine for me to photograph her. I would also like a few more different ages, as well as a mixture of boys and girls.

I wanted to start my portrait photographs with some testers before I went to the photography studio to take my better, more serious photographs. A reason for this is because I like the effect of polaroid photographs- they seem to capture a more natural, yet old school, photograph of something- or in this case, someone. I like having this raw, unedited photograph, as I can look back on it and compare it to my photograph outcomes when they have all been edited and touched up.


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