Researching Martyn Brewster


National Museum Cardiff; Rene Magritte, ‘The Empty Mask’ & Merlyn Evans, ‘Standing Figure No.1’.

When visiting this gallery I chose these two pieces because I was thinking about how they could relate to Martyn Brewster’s piece, ‘The Empty Mask’ relates to the abstract style of Brewster’s work, whilst the ‘Standing Figure No.1’ is both abstract and a different way in which to represent a figure.

These styles haven’t particularly influenced my work in my Subject practice as I didn’t continue with abstract styles; however I have continually looked in to artworks that are based and about people and figures.






Barnett Newman, Untitled. Barnett Newman, Untitled, 1945. Jo Motyka, Perfect Grey. Thomas Schleisser, Composition.

These are some artists that I was researching when looking in to Martyn Brewster as they have a similar style of artwork and they use black and white as Brewster did in my artwork that I originally chose to look into.


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