Art and The Conscious Mind

The two aspects that I most enjoyed and I felt helped me the most was the lecture in which we meditated, as well as the workshop where we played and created surrealist games. This is what particularly stuck out to me as I have recently had a bit of a creative block where I haven’t felt very like I can create anything of any meaning or quality. Therefore, by using the meditation technique, of which I have never done before the workshop, I have been able to relax and take my mind off the stresses of deadlines and work which ultimately have helped me be more creative in my own practice. The same goes for the workshop in which we played the surrealist games, as even though we weren’t creating amazing pieces of artwork it really helps to get in to the mood for creating, therefore a good technique to use before doing a piece of work that really matters, as it gets you in to the mind set of working, and I feel it really helps in the respect that it can give you ideas that may be quite odd that you would have never got before.

My work at the moment is based on sexuality in artwork, as well as the idea of what is considered to be beautiful and why. Artwork has always been a major tool used in order to influence the publics opinions on many topics; especially to fight for the rights of particular movements. Sexuality in artwork has been a major theme for the feminist movement, giving artists a new way to express themselves and fight for their beliefs. Since the feminist art movement seemed to emerge in the 1960’s sexuality has been prominent in artworks, with women questioning what makes men and women so different; totally re-evaluating the ideas of masculine and feminine, using sexualised images of women in order to try and reclaim the female body as well as claiming traditionally masculine qualities for women.

Figurative Modelling

I learnt a lot of skills in these practices, and it really helped me to figure out what I want to do; as I want to work more with clay. I have decided that I am going to start building bodies (not heads) as part of my Subject work. In the Figurative Modelling module it was made very clear that drawing is a large part of ceramics. Therefore I did some life drawing to help me understand the body more. This part of the Field workshops have really helped me figure out what I want to carry on doing for my subject work; as I enjoyed figurative modelling so much I decided to carry on making body parts out of clay in my subject work.


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