Tribe of Impossible Perfection

  • Stephanie Daini

This series is by photographer Stephanie Daini showing and displaying to the world what kind of insecurities women have about their bodies. To create these images she invited women into her studio and asked them “If you could change anything about yourself, what would it be?”. Using this information she asked a plastic surgeon to draw pre-surgical lines on the women’s bodies based on what they answered.

Daini started this project originally because she had the same mindset and insecurities as these, and most, women. Part of this is caused by constantly being bombarded with media messages from the airbrushed, perfect models. Daini is apparently well-aware that this has been done before, however feels that this topic always needs to be re-visited. Until we stop comparing ourselves to the impossible ideal body image, projects like this will always be needed.

This project is relevant to my work as I have been looking into a lot of photography (especially portraits) as well as using words to describe people’s insecurities. However this project is just another take on sending the same sort of empowering message.



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