Body Image Artworks; ageing

  • Marna Clarke; “Hand On Chest”
  • Antonio Finelli
  • Joan Semmel


Presently the aged body of an artistic subject represents the evidence of the passing of time. The old body is typically dreaded by mainstream culture. The grey hair, sagging skin, wrinkles, lines, scars and spots; all the complex effects on the body are documented by these artists. By doing this they not only explore the process of ageing, but also challenge the dominant and negative perception of it.

Joan Semmel’s paintings depict herself as ageing and nude (aged 82 years old). Her images show the real life, the natural evolution of the person which needs to be presented without any ‘face lifts’.

Marna Clarke’s work embraces the process of ageing gracefully- documenting her own body in “Time As We Know It”.

Most images that show the passing of time or of the failure of our bodies convey the messages of self praise and acceptance.

“Ageing is not ‘lost youth’ but a new stage of opportunity and strength”.
-Betty Friedan


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