Body Image Artwork

  • Art Installation; “Don’t Be A Puppet/Love Yourself”.

This installation looked in to the topic of eating disorders, focusing mainly on bulimia. This artwork showed how real life people saw themselves; this information was gathered from people on eating disorder forums. Therefore the first part of the show was print outs of what these people had said about themselves.

The next part of the show showed a dress form with markings showing where to cut in plastic surgery procedures. This is a reminder as to how persuasive it is in our culture to change ourselves by any means possible.

After this was a series of mirrors.The first mirror that you looked in to showed what a healthy body image would see and say whilst looking in the mirror. The next mirror you moved on to a distorted body image. In this mirror was a skeleton like image representing the sickness of bulimia with negative thoughts scribbled across the mirror. Then the last mirror represented recovery and how a healthy person would approach body issues.

After the mirrors you’re asked to write on a poster what you love about your body. Nurallia has been researching this topic throughout Germany, South Africa, New Zealand and England and wants to educate the people of the world about eating disorders. She plans to travel the world raising awareness and raising money for the local causes.


This links to my own artwork as I am planning on building more clay bodies and body parts that are all different and unique in their own way- showing that everybody is different and should be loved. Another aspect of this installation that is relevant to my own work is the beginning section with the words from actual people with eating disorders as I have been thinking about doing this in my own work with my own writings; maybe quoting others also, therefore sharing peoples insecurities through creative writing.


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