Art and the Conscious Mind

The generative potential of infinite regress

Conceptual regress= a mental loop
Regress= a loop (physical). It does resolve itself in some senses.

The way we become self-conscious is by seeing our own reflection- it creates a sense of our being in space.

  • Self-awareness in Art

Rather than looking out in to the world, they’re looking inward to the person.
‘Gumpp’- a quite different kind to other paintings. It’s about the act of painting. He’s painting his mirror image. It’s not just a self portrait, it’s about the artist looking at himself in the act of painting. He was painting himself, painting himself. They became aware of art as a medium, not just a way of observing the world.

A painting of a back of a painting. Every strand of canvas and wood is minutely painted. The painting knows about itself.

Around the time these were done Descartes had wrote a book about the theory of vision. The more they thought about vision, the more self aware their paintings became.

Cubist paintings disembowel the whole ideology of how paintings should be made. Braque; it’s a painting of a painting of a painting of a violin and a jug.
This self-awareness is the essential feature of cubism.

Kosuth; the whole point of this work is that it’s representing itself.


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