Art and the Conscious Mind

The self awareness of the conscious mind

  • Locating the self awareness in the mind

Eve became self aware when she ate the forbidden fruit of knowledge. All the animals in the painting are unaware, they’re not self aware like Eve is and like how Adam is going to become. Lucas had to be aware of how to represent a state of awareness, so the viewers can recognise it. It also shows the transformation phase that babies to adults go through.

  • What’s the self that’s self aware?

Meta-self-awareness; a higher order of awareness that lets us reflect on our own state of being. We are/seemingly the only things on Earth with this.

Descartes realised that many things we take for certain, can actually be doubt. In order to doubt, he had to think, in order to think he has to be there.

William James; thought the self as a collection of things that are all connected to us in different ways.

  • Logical problems with self awareness

Can you think about yourself, thinking about yourself? At what point does it become impossible to self reflect?
Patrick Hughes; you get a self reference, a loop.

  • I am aware of myself

You can’t think about being aware of yourself, as you can’t separate yourself from yourself. The thing that’s referring is also the thing that’s being referred to. Referring to ourselves at all becomes very problematic.


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