Surrealist Games

Workshop with Theo Humphries.

In this workshop we played and created surrealist games. This is what particularly stuck out to me so far over the Field course as I have recently had a bit of a creative block where I haven’t felt very like I can create anything of any meaning or quality. As even though we weren’t creating amazing pieces of artwork it really helps to get in to the mood for creating, therefore a good technique to use before doing a piece of work that really matters, as it gets you in to the mind set of working, and I feel it really helps in the respect that it can give you ideas that may be quite odd that you would have never got before.


This workshop really shows what your imagination is capable of, for example the photo above is of some random words that our group picked, and then I chose a random few and drew a drawing of what it made me think of. This really gets your creative thoughts flowing and lets you be at one with your imagination and mind for a bit.


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