Gallery visits

– National Museum Cardiff; Rene Magritte, ‘The Empty Mask’ & Merlyn Evans, ‘Standing Figure No.1’.

When visiting this gallery I chose these two pieces because I was thinking about how they could relate to Martyn Brewster’s piece, ‘The Empty Mask’ relates to the abstract style of Brewster’s work, whilst the ‘Standing Figure No.1’ is both abstract and a different way in which to represent a figure.

– Serpentine Gallery, Constellation Trip to London, Marc Camille Chaimowicz: An Autumn Lexicon.

I particularly liked the atmosphere in the room of ‘Enough Tiranny’ as it was really interesting and different to the rest of the pieces in the gallery. The ‘World of Interiors’, 2008, was also another piece I was particularly drawn to, as I liked the grid style layout.

– Serpentine Gallery, Constellation Trip to London, Helen Marten: Drunk Brown House.

In the other Serpentine Gallery we looked at Helen Marten’s exhibition which was very interesting, however these photographs are what really interested me. The layout of the whole gallery was particularly smart and well done.

– Marian Goodman Gallery, Constellation Trip to London.

These were my favourite pieces from the Marian Goodman Gallery; the whole exhibition was about animality and different artists perspectives on how humans mistreat animals which was very interesting.

– BayArt Gallery & Craft in the Bay Gallery.

These are a few photos of the pieces that I was particularly drawn to.

Also visited the White Cube Gallery; Magnus Plessen: The Skin of Volume, Tate Britain, Artes Mundi.

National Museum Cardiff; Gillian Ayres, Claire Curneen, Antony Gormley, Francis Bacon.

I visited the National Museum Wales as there was a Gillian Ayres exhibition on and I thought I would go to see if I could get any additional ideas for my own artwork. I enjoyed the exhibition; the use of colours and freedom in her earlier work particularly stood out to me, however I wasn’t influenced by the visit for my own work.


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