Development of my work

I started working with using very similar styles as Martyn Brewster and experimenting with acrylic, charcoal and ink.

I also did some artist research on artists whose work is similar to that of Martyn Brewster’s to see if they would influence my work at all.

I then realised that I didn’t want to continue with this style of artwork; therefore I did a lot of thinking about what I really wanted to do; then I realised that I particularly enjoyed working with disposable cameras throughout my Summer Project. I also worked with film cameras a bit last year and wanted to continue with that.

Therefore, I chose to do the Photography workshop as I wanted a better understanding of how to properly use film and digital cameras. We learnt about all of the technical parts of a camera, as well as lighting in the studio.

I also really enjoyed working with clay last year; therefore for Field I chose to do the Figurative Modelling module. Doing this module really inspired me and made me want to work more in this area.

In the Figurative Modelling module it was made very clear that drawing is a large part of ceramics. Therefore I did some life drawing to help me understand the body more.

I am going to continue working with clay and hand building body parts throughout the year, as well as work with film and digital photography.

I then decided that I wanted to do something different to just life drawings so I tried experimenting with some lino printing. Therefore, I made some lino prints of a couple of my life drawings from my sketchbook.

After a tutorial with Sue I thought I would make a few improvements on my original lino pints. So I cut some more of my life drawings in to the lino behind and surrounding the original lino pieces.

After making quite a few prints I thought I would look at something a bit more in depth; therefore I moved on to drawing hearts. The main purpose of me going on to hearts is to show how every person has the same heart on the inside; underneath their physical exterior. Although I don’t want to carry on doing this style of neat heart drawings; I prefer the messier line drawing style.

After doing quite a lot of drawings of anatomically correct hearts I decided to do some lino prints of them as well. I am particularly pleased with these; I feel they are bold and work well with the use of red ink.

I wanted to do more work with portrait photography after doing the photography workshop in first year. Therefore I took some polaroid photographs to prepare for my next stage of digital photos and then film photographs. I particularly like the effect that polaroids give a photo; as it seems to make the subject more interesting.

I was really just testing out how I would take the photos and what kind of expressions I would like the people to make before I start taking the photos in the photography studio.


I decided that I didn’t want to take my portrait photos in the photography studio as I had originally planned, as I thought it might be quite bland when they’re also put up on a plain white board. Therefore I thought it might be quite interesting to take my portraits outside, and have different backgrounds for the different people to mix it up a bit and to make each photo more individual.

These are some experiments that I did with making small clay bodies in preparation for building my larger clay bodies. I was quite disappointed with the outcomes of these, as it was difficult to mould solid clumps of clay and I couldn’t get them quite right.

These are my two large clay bodies; a female torso using terracotta clay and a male torso using white saint thomas. I used these clays because they’re both slightly grogged- therefore as they’re large it was easier clay to handle; of which I learnt in Field Figurative Modelling. Seeing as these are the first times I have made a clay sculpture this large I am actually quite pleased with how these turned out.


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