Written Statement on my practice

Throughout the first term of second year I have looked at many different styles of artwork, whilst also focussing my practice on Martyn Brewster’s type of art work; mainly “beauty vs sadness no. 70”. I have tried using his work as a source of ideas, in which it did, however not in the way that I thought it may have. I found his work interesting as it is not like anything I have done before, and that intrigued me, yet the abstract style didn’t really inspire me to do my own work based on it. However, I was interested in the thought processes behind it, as well as the title of the piece.

At the beginning I experimented with ink, acrylic and charcoal in order to show a representation of Brewster’s artwork. I quickly realised that this wasn’t what I wanted to do, therefore I did a lot of artist research to try and inspire me. However, for my Summer Project I did a lot of photography with disposable cameras as well as digital, and I enjoyed this therefore after I realised that abstract wasn’t for me I wanted to explore more with photography in my practice.

We then started our Field module; mine was Figurative Modelling, which I was particularly pleased about as I really enjoyed working with clay last year. I learnt a lot of skills in these practices, and it really helped me to figure out what I want to do; as I want to work more with clay. I have decided that I am going to start building bodies (not heads) as part of my Subject work.

For the material project I did the Photography workshops, which linked really well with my Summer Project. I gained a more in-depth knowledge of how a camera works best, as well as how to make the most out of lighting in the studio. From this workshop I found multiples really interesting, and decided I want to work with film creating multiples of portraits.

Therefore, for the rest of the year I am going to work with mostly film, but I will also experiment with digital, photography capturing different peoples feelings and thoughts through their facial expressions. I am only going to photograph their face, as I want the bodies to be represented by hand building clay bodies and random parts. Then in the future I want to see how using the layout of multiples works surrounding the clay body parts.


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