Helen Marten: Drunk Brown House


– Serpentine Gallery, Helen Marten: Drunk Brown House.

– Water the Scotch, 2016.


This exhibition really stood out to me as it is laid out really interestingly, with the metal sculptures seemingly leading you through the gallery to each of the pieces on the walls; giving the whole place a sense of direction.


Marc Camille Chaimowicz: An Autumn Lexicon

The ‘World of Interiors’, 2008, really interested me as I particularly liked the layout of the pieces placed on the wall as there is so much to look at and each thing is different. This piece particularly influenced me and my work as I liked how you had to focus on each piece individually as art but it was also a larger piece of work when you stood back from it. This is what I wanted with my own work and exhibition.

As I have previously mentioned the room in the Serpentine Gallery ‘Enough Tyranny’ really intrigued me as you were submerged in the artwork- almost making you a part of it. This is the kind of feeling I wanted people that viewed my work to have- and hopefully in the future I can create a room like this where you are able to be a part of it like this made me feel.


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